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The insulation thermocellum., Dneproetrovsk

Offer type: salePublished: 21.11.2014
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The insulation thermocellum., Dneproetrovsk
For exterior insulation of housing best suited Termosolar .
Has adhesion to metal, plastics (except polyethylene), concrete, brick and other building materials
•Prevents condensation and mould. Protects walls from freezing;
•Does not support combustion and prevents the spread of flame;
•Increases corrosion protection;
•Prevents the penetration of liquid water, but permeable pairs (breathes);
•Be applied to surfaces with temperatures from +5°C to +90°C;
•Operating temperatures from -50°C to +200°C;
•Non-toxic, eco-friendly;
•Does not create additional loads on structures;
•Does not reduce the interior space;the durability of the coating.
•The area of application of the insulating coating "TERMOSOLAR"
•Exterior and the exterior surface enclosing structures of buildings and constructions, residential premises;
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