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supply steel valves ng from China at good prices

Offer type: salePublished: 20.11.2014
Valve(shut-off valve) steel
Valve (shut-off valve) steel is a kind of constructive type fittings for piping that is special shut-off body (valve) moves the reciprocating along a Central axis of the sealing surface to block fluid flow.
Valves (check valves) steel used in the role of locking devices on pipelines for steam and water and different production lines, as well as its operating environment can be liquefied and natural gases, carbon dioxide, ammonia, corrosive substances.
Steel steel valves have significant differences in operation from cast-iron counterparts, first of all, has a sufficiently higher rates of conventional pressure and temperature. Because of this, it can be installed in more severe operating conditions. Steel valve steel, mainly produced in ange version, which allows a reliable fastening, high-quality sealing interface, simplified disassembly without affecting the other locking elements, as well as capkova, coupling and welded versions. Valves (check valves) stalinisation operate even at high differential pressures, to maintain the temperature of fluid up to + 425 OS.