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put the butterfly valve wafer steel/cast iron from China

Offer type: salePublished: 20.11.2014
The rotary disk shutter
Disk shutter or rotary disc shutter, or wafer disk gate valves are General purpose, used in various industries as shut-off devices in the systems of heat supply, water supply and various pipelines, conveying medium with commonly used values of pressures and temperatures. The main shut-off (locking) the element is a disk, rotating on its own axis located perpendicular (in closed position) to the direction of water movement. Quite often, the valves referred to as gate valves, globe valves, etc. butterfly valves today are the most common component of pipelines around the world. High integrity, reliability and affordable rates on installation and maintenance make them an ideal solution for most piping systems.
In most cases, this type of valves used in pipelines with large diameters from DN40 and with no large working pressure. The main function of the shutter shut.
The main working element of the shutter disk is made mostly of stainless steel or cast iron. Shutting-off the flow by turning the bolt on the axis of rotation, the gates are divided into axial (when the coincidence of the axis of rotation and an eccentric axis of rotation does not coincide with the axis of the shutter).
Widespread closures was due to its qualities meeting the requirements of modernity, namely:
◆the Simplicity of the product, the absence of a large number of parts and as a consequence easy maintenance;
◆the application of pipelines of large diameters.
◆light weight and compact size;
◆Small length of the construction;
◆Sealed overlap of the fluid flow in both directions;
◆With the working environment in contact only saddle seal and the disk;
◆Reasonable price;
◆Wide range of application.
But like all butterfly valves have their drawbacks:
◆due To the location of the axis of rotation of the shutter in the passage of the working environment, cleaning of pipelines mechanically very complicated; just reduced hydraulic performance.
◆large diameter torque closing the shutter is very high, and therefore are mounted gearboxes.
◆the Highest grade of protection is only possible on devices with saddle rubber seal, in its absence (metal-metal) class only or even lower.
All butterfly valves our company may be equipped with a reduction gear, electric or pneumatic actuator according to customer's request.
Materials of main parts:
Housing: grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, steel, stainless steel
Disc: ductile iron, steel, stainless steel
Stem: stainless steel. steel
Seat: EPDM/NBR/VITON/Stainless steel. steel
The use of butterfly valves
Applying gates in a variety of environments (aggressive and non-aggressive) were proposed disk locking elements are made of stainless steel.
One of its names (wafer shutter) it follows that the connection type butterfly valve coupling. Installed between the flanges of the corresponding diameter and pressure, tightening the bolts.