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The new pumps Hiii-50M-3 or NS-50A-3 manufactured by OOO"Hydrosila""

Offer type: salePublished: 18.11.2014
Seller:Agafonov Yurij
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Melitopol'
"Sell new pumps Hiii-50M-3 or NS-50A-3 production LLC""""Hydrosila"""". Left and right rotation. Flat and round design.
Interchangeable with all NSH-50 produced by other manufacturers, you need to specify only the flat You need or round. Application: Tractors: T-150, T-150K, TB-1 all options., K-R, T-4A, TT-4, T-AP; DT-75, vehicles, MoAZ
Possible sale of gear pumps-50M-4 pressure up na. Warranty of 12 months. Price from GM for a flat performance, and 830 USD for a round.""