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Spare parts for diesel locomotives

Offer type: salePublished: 18.11.2014
Seller:Lyamin Ruslan Aleksandrovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Chuvashia, Izhevsk
Rubber membrane (ECM) h, 360x100, h, Block ridge type "M", cardan 325.10.100, Collector 0217.85.000-1, cylinder Cover D, cylinder liner D.36.01, Liners mos TH.263.178/179, Starter PS-U2, Turbocharger TC-30, TC, TK, Machine Assembly AND B, diffuser he-11-61, the nozzle sandbox the DHS-64, the drive shaft 750.02.10.000-01, drive shaft MW.04.03.000, the drive shaft 7m arrives at. 04.03.000, spider 7m arrives at. 04.03.100, the control unit to UGP/201 55-I-00-08 pump 55-318-00, pump AL-4 (snail) pumping, the tension pulley with the shaft 750.08.02.000-01, the crown gear 0211.09.032, the elastic ring TU-4-4-5-3A , the heater UEFA-30, the housing axial gearbox with the upper shaft to Tua, valve 545 fluid coupling fan drive th.10.57.500, shaft 7M.47.06.200, shaft 7M.47.06.300, suction Valve 0210.05.060-2, Valve exhaust 0210.05.070-2, the bearing shells 0217.00.008-01, 0217.00.007-1, Basepairing device, the Valve m, Faucet locking 55-324 d-00, crane releasing 4300, Finger piston CVP., CVP., Liners VK-51-1000010-cu, connecting Rod and piston group high pressure CVP sat, connecting Rod and piston group low pressure CVP sat, Rod d.SP-1, d.SP-1, Tube high pressure D49.82.2 hrs-4, the bearing shells cast iron top D49.2.2 hrs-1, the bearing shells cast iron bottom D49.2.1 SFV-1, the connecting rod Liners steel top d.17.8 hrs-3, the connecting rod Liners steel bottom d.17.9 hrs-3, Finger trailing rod d.17.06-3, Pump priming d.32.010, Filter slit D50.34.101.SBA, Flat crane d.87.HRC, Sleeve connecting rod,