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The easiest and most convenient industrial terminal Motorola announced

Offer type: salePublished: 18.11.2014
The American company Motorola has announced a new industrial terminal, combining high functionality and ease of use.
New Motorola MC 3190, which is the successor to the once-popular model MS, is positioned as an industry class. According to experts, the model represents one of the most easy and convenient device that allows you to ensure comfortable operation over a long working day.
Additional operational features of the model, the specialists of Sauron, highlighted the following:
- High level of protection of the terminal from damage (standard IP54);
Terminal capable of operating in the most aggressive environments, high humidity, extreme temperatures, high dust levels;
- Modern and comfortable form factor - "pistol";
The terminal is equipped with modern IN - Symbol Mobility Services, among the advantages of which is the possibility of remote control of the use of mobile devices in real time;
- Bright and clear display, whose resolution is 320×320 pixels;
- The capability of the terminal successfully work on platforms like Windows Mobile and Windows CE compatibility with industry software and applications;
-RAM 250 MB, and there is the possibility for flash memory expansion up to 1 GB via memory card. To purchase the new product in Sautron.
The new terminal Motorola MC 3190 this handheld RFID reader of the new generation, demonstrating all the benefits of RFID technology, which is especially important in warehouses, industrial plants, as well as in trade and even in the office. Experts Sauron also recommend a model for wider application in the wholesale and retail trade, health and the field of Express delivery.