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Chelyabinsk supermarkets recognized Zebra GC 420t best printer

Offer type: salePublished: 17.11.2014
Thermal transfer printer Zebra GC 420t from the world famous manufacturer Zebra Technologies became the best according to a survey of employees of Chelyabinsk supermarkets.
Compact and ergonomic printer GC 420t was specially developed for widespread use in large retail chains. According to employees of supermarkets Chelyabinsk, printer greatly simplifies and optimizes the work of cashiers-tellers, which consequently has a positive effect on the entire business process as a whole.
"This is the best label printer, which we had. He quickly works to use it quite simple. Moreover, it is quite small and light. We are satisfied!" - says an employee of the store "Sea world" Tatiana Century
The success of the device could also be explained by the fact that the developers have used Zebra GC 420t original design and design solutions. Innovative components and the highest build quality of the device allows it to work in intensive mode over a fairly long period of time without compromising performance.
The main advantages of the printer, Sauron include the availability of powerful 32-bit processor that is capable of printing two-dimensional and complex barcodes. In addition, the printer is equipped with several communication nodes through which significantly increases the functionality of the device.
It is also worth mentioning that the printer does an excellent job in difficult conditions. Zebra GC 420t perfectly tested in conditions of high temperature and high humidity.
Among the technical characteristics of Zebra GC 420t, Sauron, especially noted the high speed print - 102 mm/sec. Print width is 104 mm. Printer capable of working with multiple programming languages. Importantly, the level of energy consumption is relatively low, which is achieved by having a unique technology ENERGY STAR.