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English Brovary, courses in English "English School"

Offer type: servicesPublished: 08.10.2021
Seller:Shkola Bravo
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English language courses in Brovary "English School" offer learning English with the most advanced methods.
We offer:
- the quality of education with the issuance of the certificate (the result of the training, You will see already in the first month);
BEST PRICES in Brovary (our prices for 60 minutes of education, not academic hours);
- convenient office location (in the heart of Brovary);
- more pleasant things (free library in the original language, discounts on transfers, etc.);
- timetable for Your discretion.
Types of training:
- General English course;
- business English, as well as specialized;
- English for children (school children and preschoolers);
- intensive English course;
- exam preparation and testing (EIT);
conversation club with a native speaker;
Classes can be:
- in small groups ( from 2 to 5 people);
, Brovary, Gagarin street, 16 (2nd floor) (TD "Lisa") in the city centre
Olga T. (097) 786-77-85