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Zebra Technologies has released the printer with a record performance

Offer type: salePublished: 14.11.2014
New from the famous American manufacturer impressed by both the experts and ordinary users record levels of performance.
Unlike their predecessors - series Zebra GX, whose daily load is not more than 1600 labels per day, industrial printer Zеbrа ZТ220 prints more than 2500 labels. This circumstance, no doubt, will delight those who work with large volumes of products.
In Sautron note that the novelty is presented in two versions:
Model print resolution which is 203 dpi;
Models with a print resolution of 300 dpi.
According to information provided by the developers, the device of the first modification will be suitable for printing plain text and print linear codes. Printers of the second modification can be used when printing 2-D barcode, and print small text or complex elements on the labels.
Quality print meets the highest requirements. Excellent quality is guaranteed through the following:
- The presence of a pressure regulator on the sides of the printhead;
- Wide range of selection of the heating temperature of the printhead;
- Availability of proprietary technology E3;
Zеbrа ZТ220 also has an original design and unique cover bi-fоld that opens when you have minimal space - 102 mm. In Sautron, particularly for such an interesting option as the possibility of replacing the print head device, and a roller without the use of any tools. The device, made of impact-resistant polymer, protects the printer from damage and negative impacts.
Zebra ZT220 has a basic configuration such interfaces such as USB 2.0 and RS232, which allow seamless to connect the device to PC.
In conclusion, I would like to mention the compact size of the printer, which constitute only mm (W) x 280mm (In) x mm (D). Printer Zebra ZT220 this device, which harmoniously combines excellent functionality, high performance and compactness.