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Switch the WARP 250

Offer type: salePublished: 14.11.2014
Seller:Aleksandrova Anna Viktorovna
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Address:Russian Federation, Krasnoyarskiy Kray, Krasnoyarsk
Switch the WARP 250
Presents modern switch automatic WARP 250 - upgraded classic device with preserved functionality, but with increased reliability, comfort, connection, and operation.
The product is manufactured at rated current 250A and designed in a modern building with reduced dimensions and weight. The thickness of the metal housing is 1.2 mm, mounting 2 mm
As a switching device used circuit breakers domestic production ratio of short circuit current 4In. Ensure high sensitivity of the electromagnetic trip unit short-circuit extended area of the protected circuit. As a power conductor jumper is used only wire PV with conductor cross-section corresponding to GOST.
As before, all threaded connections, the enclosure door and the node handle is securely and maintain the degree of protection IP 54 sealed box. Nodes nut-washer-Grover, where possible replaced by nuts prescibe for a more solid mount. All metal surfaces are protected from corrosion and grounded.
Reliable fixing of cable input, output and control in the packing process can be performed manually, without tools. Universal clamping device allows you to firmly attach the cable with the tip, and without it. The area of contact of the cable and the tip has increased significantly, which further eliminates overheating of wires and premature wear.
To open the Cabinet now it is enough to turn only one lock, securely locking the door.
WARP 250 production LLC the Divnogorsk plant mine automation meets the requirements of the CU TR 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment" and GOST 24754 in particular. Manufactured by THE 3420-002-10222612-2013. The manufacturing process from design to warranty service is carried out within the framework of ISO 9001:2008. Every product before closing and packing is tested on 32 electrical and mechanical parameters, which virtually eliminates the deviation of the quality of the Assembly is correct.
WARP 250 replaces and identical WARP 250M functional characteristics and purpose.
The automatic switch is intended for protection of DC circuits against short circuit currents, as well as for operative inclusions and switching-off network sites in the mines and the mines, not dangerous explosion of gas and ore dust.
Price WARP 250 - 18 000 rubles including VAT
Free shipping to any transportation company, Krasnoyarsk
Version: RN
The degree of enclosure protection: IP54
Rated current: 250 a
Rated voltage: 440
Volume: 0.05 m3
Dimensions: mm 400x520x230
Package dimensions: mm 405x525x235
Net weight: 11 kg
Gross weight: 13 kg
Compliance: Complies with CU TR 004/2011 "On safety of low voltage equipment", GOST 24754
Switch the WARP 250 1 u THE 3420-001-10222612-2013, the automatic switch in mine normal conditions RN, a constant voltage 440V, rated current continuous 250A, installed free contacts, for use in moderate climate in rooms with high humidity.