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Woodworking machines. The equipment for manufacture of

Offer type: salePublished: 13.11.2014
Seller:Gladkij Dmitrij
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Modern woodworking machines PROMA can handle any tree species. The range contains both industrial and household woodworking machines. Among them are grinding machines, planing-thicknessing and troglophile machines and other machinery for working with wood. Typically, household machines are small in size. They can cut wood, drilling holes at different angles, to tugovati, grind and perform many operations with the tree in the home.
Woodworking machines are devices that are designed for machining of wood. With their help you can process wood of any species, efficiently and quickly. To acquire such equipment is very simple to PROMA. There is a wide range of household machines and woodworking industrial goods.
Household woodworking machines nowadays are very popular. Using woodworking machines, you can work with wood at home. Every owner of the equipment, will be able to make longitudinal and transverse sawing, drilling horizontal and at an angle, jointing, cutting, and other activities. Such devices have always been distinguished by its small size and weight, which gives ease of use.
With their help, woodworking machines can be obtained:

Semi-finished products and various billet of wood.

Any products and designs.
Woodworking machines from the company PROMA meet all critical requirements of a professional - quality, reliability, durability and high performance.
Types of machines for woodworking
Woodworking devices are divided into several groups:




Assembly and others.
The most popular group is the woodcutting. It is widely used in various kinds of work and occupies the first position in the range of PROMA.
Each type of woodworking equipment is divided into even and processing methods. Nowadays, the ways are:



the flyweights;

gouged and sliced.
For each of these processing methods used individually selected type of machines.
Now we take a more detailed look at several kinds of them.
Sliding table saw and band equipment. It is intended for sawing. The first type of device is used for transverse and longitudinal cutting of the workpiece, and tape machines are not only a straight cut, but also curvilinear.
Milling machines. This equipment is intended for milling. Most often used device for various preparations and surface treatment. It can be used for a short time, to get high-quality and reliable products. Milling machines, first and foremost, have a high operation speed.
Profiling equipment. Using this device, you can easily achieve a certain smoothness of the workpiece thickness. Thicknessing machines can be unilateral or bilateral.
Polished device. Such machines are used for grinding a variety of lathes and woodworking designs. By using ground equipment that can handle drevesiny surface efficiently and quickly.
To acquire each of the above types of machines you will be able in the company PROMA. The company represents many quality machines at a very affordable price. All equipment conform to modern standards and has all necessary certificates.