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Motorola unveiled a new information kiosk Motorola CC5000

Offer type: salePublished: 12.11.2014
A new information kiosk Motorola CC5000 made a splash at the recent exhibition of commercial equipment.
Experts Sauron visiting the famous international exhibition, note that the kiosk has caused considerable interest among visitors. And this is not surprising, because CC5000 is intended largely to optimize the field of self-service due to its exceptional versatility.
First of all, the device serves to provide information about the product, about various products and services. In addition, the kiosk copes with the functions of the "online store". Using CC5000 the client can choose the right product and make an order.
The device also supports voice and video communication. Due to the possibility of instant communication with the operator, substantially increases the degree of customer loyalty. The video call quality is very high level, which is achieved through an 8-megapixel camera. Voice communication is also at the high level, the kiosk is equipped with modern innovative noise reduction system. To acquire functional information kiosk in Sautron.
Motorola CC5000 running popular operating system - Android 4.1 (Jellybean), which makes it possible to install different applications that are needed, thus extending the functionality of the device. The novelty is available in three versions (display size - 27, 15 or 22 inches). This option favors the convenient location of the kiosk in the premises of various sizes.
In Sautron note that the kiosk has support for SD cards and USB flash. Notable is the fact that the device has a built-scanner ™ that provides the ability to read barcodes (1D /2D), displaying on the display information about the product, its price and quality characteristics.