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Tactical gloves for stick and knife fencing - "Dynamo", Kiev, Ukraine

Offer type: salePublished: 11.11.2014
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv Oblast', Kyiv
New, modified model of tactical gloves for stick and knife fencing. After numerous customer reviews and consultations with coaches on the knife fight, we made a model of the following changes: On fingers increased the number of carbon inserts, now your fingers, especially the joints are protected much more reliable. Special attention is paid to the protection of the thumb. Also we increased the cuff for better protection of the forearm, and made carbon pads on it. The new glove is much more convenient to use, and here's why: between thumb and forefinger, we put a special insert of not sliding material to enhance grip. The seams on the fingers brought out and the skin covering the joints are not tightly stitched and sewed on an extra layer of soft jumpers. Now clench fist and keep the model of knife is much more convenient. Rigid damper box on the palm, we replaced on an extra layer of skin to the glove not fray and rip.
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