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Production of exclusive building tools (investment project)

Offer type: salePublished: 11.11.2014
Seller:AGB Roman
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We invite prospective investors in the project. The project has four patented invention, the function of which is aimed at facilitating and simplifying physical labor in more than 10 segments of the construction and finishing works:
1.Clamp for finishing construction type "I";
2.Clamp for finishing construction type "L";
3.The tool lighthouse-Spot" for plastering of the jambs;
4.Device for plastering of the jambs.
1. The licensing and commercialization of four inventions;
2. The production of "exclusive" hand tools;
3. Wholesale and retail trade DIY tools.
•Registration of a new company, TM, licensing and certification of products, production, sales, marketing.
•The production of ready-made facilities in Ukraine, and for large-scale production at factories in China.
•Implementation of a network of building hypermarkets, wholesale companies, marketing departments on plants adjacent tool.
Stage and level of maturity of the investment project:
•Business idea and overall concept of the project development;
•Ukrainian patents and patent applications, WIPO (Geneva);
•Business plan and feasibility study to design and estimate documentation
•Developed industrial designs and tested under production conditions. Expert - high recoil effect.
this cell construction tool - no analogues;
- the market for very long - worldwide intensive construction and repair works;
stable demand is not limited by season;
- significant economic benefits from operation of the tool;
- satisfied customers;
- short-term investments, turnover 2-5 times per year;
- net income turnover - 50 - 300 %, (depending on business plans);
- estimated average annual profit 200 - 1 000 %.
the break - even point first - 3 - 8 months.
- simplicity and transparency of business models;
- there are choices of business models, calculation of risk and return;
minimum risks (some are already prevented);
- guaranteed profit;
- the investor does not need to build the plants, factories, markets, warehouses, logistics, and use of existing and well-established schemes.
The amount of investment and the profit from the project depends on the scope of implementation at the national or international level. There are several options. Read more