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Infrared panel UDEN-S

Offer type: salePublished: 11.11.2014
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Besidesthe heating system UDEN-S is an infrared electric heaters with a capacity from 100 to 700 watts. Wall panels, warm skirting and ceiling heaters are slightly different in design, size and mounting technology, but have common distinct advantages compared with other heating systems and are ideal for rooms in which people are for a long time.
Wall panels UDEN-S very simply and quickly installed.
The basis of operation of the equipment UDEN-S based on the principle of direct heating of the premises, so there is no boilers, boilers, pipes, pumps and the usual coolant. Soft long-wave heat rays fall on the surface of the walls, floor, various items and gradually warm up. Through the mutual exchange of heat between the heated objects is heated and air. In such circumstances, we feel much more comfortable than with convection heating, and paying for save at least 35-40%!
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