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The conveyor HIMEL

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Seller:Seidensal Alexey
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The conveyor HIMEL
Time saving due to optimal solutions
High-power pneumotransport HIMEL designed specifically for gentle transportation of large amounts of grains and legumes. Maximum performance for direct-drive, high-strength design, affordable price and low maintenance are some of the advantages grain systems HIMEL.
The conveyor paddle feeder HIMEL
Pneumotransport paddle feeder, these are powerful units Z series are used where high input power. Special installation design provides a variety of ways. Mounted on the side, blower installation with a rotating feeding hopper will fit any truck.
Suction the conveyor HIMEL
It was a real "Jack of all trades", combining two units in one. With him
You will be able to load and unload vehicles, silos, storage and containers, without much effort and without requiring additional equipment. Powerful air flow ensures high performance when transporting cereals, legumes and seeds. The conveyor sucks the product without residue. With the optional conversion kit performance intake of the air conveyor can be doubled.
Standard equipment:
Stable chassis with frame
- The drive shaft, pipeline, direct drive
- Actuator rotary-vane feeder motor-reducer
- Flow control valve against overload
- Four-speed switch with ammeter and plug / socket connector for optimal installation power
- Fully assembled and ready for operation
Basic configuration:
The KMZ model and KMSD:
Powerful direct drive 3000 rpm, 400V;
- Easy operation with four-speed switch with ammeter and plug / socket connector;
- Flow control valve for easy turn of the turbine;
- Sturdy modular configuration with a frame, chassis and drawbar the drawbar with a lifting wheel;
- Turbine blade and the shutter can be disconnected. Thus, it is possible easy maneuvering;
- Blade shutter with gear motor 0,55 kW/60 min-1 for doubled capacity compared with feeding hopper;
Large hopper (rotating) for easy loading;
- Prepared for installation of a mechanism for pre-cleaning of grain;
Pipe connection GUMA ? 150 mm
Your benefits - Your success:
- Time saving due to high performance
- Compact design
- Powerful, mobile, sturdy machine
Over 56 years of experience in manufacturing blowers
- The equipment is completely installed