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Termoplastici HIMEL

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Seller:Seidensal Alexey
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Termoplastici HIMEL series GQ are designed for crushing all kinds of cereals and maize without flour. The means is the most effective technology for the processing of grain for feeding, as it provides obtaining a highly nutritious and easily digestible food that, in turn, allows to achieve significant growth yields of milk and meat productivity of animals.
Conditioner grain HIMEL process to 3600 kg of material per hour. Operating parts are driven by an electric motor with a capacity of from 3.0 to 15 kW. Processing of grains occurs by passage of materials between the two rotating rollers. Thanks seasoned cast iron grooved rollers forms, operating in synchronous mode, termoplastici HIMEL offer the ideal means even coarse grain.
Roller conditioner consume significantly less power (max savings of up to 50%) than conventional crushers. Due to infinitely variable adjustment of the amounts guaranteed easy operation and optimum installation performance, you can also adjust the rotary knob for processing very hard or, on the contrary, soft grain. Termoplastici equipped with various types of automatic on and off, and also possible to install the weight of the computer (as an option).
Conditioner grain HIMEL series GQ can be used both independently and in a complex technological lines for the production of food.