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Vertical feed mixer distributors HIMEL V

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Seller:Seidensal Alexey
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Vertical feed mixer distributors HIMEL V
Mixer - feeder (mixer-feeders) HIMEL V series provides the preparation of high quality food in a short time. Vertically spaced screws thoroughly mixed and milled rolls of long fibre hay, straw, silage, root crops and other feed ingredients. The grinding and mixing of the individual components allows to improve the palatability of feed and balance the feeding animals (cattle).
The large filling hole fast download whole bales or rolls of a front end loader or grab the top. To prevent spilling of the feed through the edge of the bunker in the processing of whole bales are provided to install the safety ring on the mixing hopper.
Vertical feed mixers HIMEL are available with a capacity from 8 to 30 cubic meters.
In a mixing hopper is installed vertical auger with sickle blades of hardened solid steel, which provides a quick and thorough chopping components. The vertical position of the auger provides a number of advantages, one of which is a smooth grinding and mixing round and square bales in the shortest possible time. In addition, the vertical position of the auger minimizes the risk of damage to the mixing system in the event of falling into the hopper of foreign objects. Serially in the hopper is installed protivnoj, which speeds up the grinding process, long fibre, feed and reduces the risk of blocking of the screw.
Uniform unloading of feed is provided through the discharge tray or the cross-belt conveyor. The rate of feeding is regulated by a valve driven by hydraulic cylinder. At the same time unloading feed occurs on the two sides. For convenient feeding directly into the trough provided by the lengthening of the discharge conveyor with hydraulic regulation height.
Feed mixers V-series equipped with a weighing system, which consists of three weighing sensors mounted between the hopper frame and the chassis frame of the feeder. The weight computer to accurately and quickly perform weighing the feed mixture, informs by means of an acoustic signal on the preparation of the desired ration.
Bunker and all main units are made of high quality steel. The chassis of the wagon is equipped with traction earring or a special coupling device, hydraulic brake system. Control over the whole process of preparation of feed mixtures is carried out from the driver's cab