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Self - propelled feed mixer distributors HIMEL SF series

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Seller:Seidensal Alexey
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Feed mixer HIMEL SF, mounted on the base self-propelled chassis MAN, intended for the preparation of mixtures of silage, haylage, loose and pressed hay, straw, fodder, roots, liquid feed supplements, with the possibility of mixing fruit waste, beet leaf, corn shafts and other components. Self-propelled mixer HIMEL SF is an indispensable technique in a remote location feed stock from livestock complex. In addition, self-propelled feeder SF can serve multiple households at the same time.
Feed mixer SF consists of a boot cutter, metal hopper capacity from 10.5 to 16 cubic meters, mounted on two - or three-axle chassis MAN, three mixing augers, the discharge conveyor with hydraulic gate, isolated cab with excellent visibility.
Download feed is a boot cut. Loading height is equal to 4.5 meters. Serially the feeder is equipped with a cutter (cutter-drum) with a width up to 2 meters with two hydraulic motors. Along the perimeter of the cutter drum are the cutting blades, providing cut and capture of forage mass during rotation of the drum. To protect the cutters is provided by hydraulic protective grille. The speed of lowering of the cutter is adjusted hydraulically.
The hopper of the mixer is made of high quality steel (St52). Inside the hopper there are three auger knives of hardened solid steel, which provide quick and thorough chopping components.
Unloading of the finished feed mixtures made with the help of belt conveyor through the side discharge hatch. The rate of discharge is controlled by a damper driven by hydraulic cylinder. In serial unloading equipment hatch is located to the right rear, but at the request of the customer it is possible to install the hatch on the left, on both sides or rear.
The weighing system consists of three weight sensor, which is installed between the mixing tank and the frame of the feeder. The weight computer allows weighing of feed mixtures with high accuracy and to set different recipes mixing feed (99 recipes from 22 food components).
HIMEL Ergonomics, efficiency, comfort
Basic configuration:
HIMEL Mixer-feeder S / SF / SV / SFV
with 3 mixing augers or system of vertical mixing
- Self-propelled mixer with high load capacity, are permitted to travel on roads
- Large, comfortable cab driver
- Stable, wear-resistant chassis
- Proven mixing system from HIMEL
- Mixing with the nearest kilogram
Sparing high-feed milling cutter
Purity in all respects.
Pioneers in the protection of the environment - eco - friendly 4-and 6 - cylinder engines EURO-3 high torque, power from 132 kW (180PS) to 206 kW (280PS).
In addition, the serial speed control (cruise control) allows you to control the flow - this has a positive effect not only on the environment but also on Your finances. Integrated and such additional options, such as, for example, speed limits, regulation of intermediate speed and automatic control of the drive wheels (ASR).
Cab driver
Compact driver's cabin MAN on springs, tilting up to 60°. Repeatedly secure locking device. Meets safety standards UNECE R29. Wide covered entrance to the cabin; big door-opening angle. Secure three-layer windscreen. Optimal insulation. The covering is made of durable fiber, floor laid rubber mats, visual reinforcement instrument panel with round scale. Ergonomic, individually fitted seats with headrests and automatic seat belts.