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Self-propelled feed mixer feeders HIMEL series SFV

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Self-propelled feed mixer feeders HIMEL series SFV and SFVV
Main features
- Front-wheel drive chassis with a reduction gear. Speed 0-12 or 0-24 km/h. Model SFV 13 equipped with steering on the rear wheels for maximum maneuverability. The vehicle is equipped with Parking brake. The hydraulic system operates from a gear pump, cutter from an axial piston pump.
The main drive is provided by means of water-cooled motor John Deere with turbine and air cooler charge air.
High - performance cutter width 1800 mm, protection, discharge channel 600 mm, belt conveyor, the height of the milling OK. 4,0 m
- Enhanced mixing tank made of stainless steel (St52), the bottom 20 mm, hydraulically operated, protivnoj.
Mixing tank mounted on a rigid frame of steel tubular elements, which gives the vehicle a maximum stability at high loads.
Knives with improved properties tungsten carbide.
- Unloading on the chain conveyor ahead on the left.
- Robust chassis concept ensures maximum manoeuvrability, easy access to the engine, radiator, oil radiator, battery and hydraulic system.
- Fully glazed cabin, mounted on silent blocks, can be toned. Optimum visibility in all directions. The fence and the supply of warm air under the steering column.
- The steering wheel is height adjustable, control is effected using the joystick.
- In lighting system includes lights working light on cab lights rear, road lighting.
Basic configuration:
Vertical mixer series SFV, SFVV
High - performance milling cutter (1.80 m) for grass, maize silage, hay, straw bales, etc. equipped with belt conveyor to the mixer;
The main drive is provided by a diesel motor, direct drive mixer;
The toothed gear transmission, an oil sump;
- Drive screws from the gear transmission;
- One speed screw mixing;
- Continuously variable transmission, 0-12 km/h, under order 24 or 40 km/h;
- Front drive gear transmission;
- Belt conveyor is driven by a separate hydraulic drive;
- Enhanced mixing tank, the bottom is about 20 mm;
- Separate chassis with weighing system and 3 weight supports;
Bath mixer is made of stainless steel (St52);
- Unloading the left, on the chain conveyor;
- Knife of special steel;
- Front and rear axle rigid;
- Parking brake;
- Comfortable cabin on the left side, fully glazed, the optimal
visibility in all directions (optional toned glass);
Cabin is equipped with heating and ventilation systems;
- Management of mixer series SFV with pedals and joystick with electromagnetic control; control indicators;
- The steering wheel, height-adjustable, indicators, coolant temperature, oil pressure, atmospheric pressure, counter operating hours, etc.;
- Weight computer Winscale, for 24 ingredients and 99 mixtures, large display and easy operation;
- Optional: data transmission system for PC-compatible MS-Excel;
- Lighting system includes lights working light on cab lights rear, road lighting;
- When Parking the vehicle on-Board voltage (12V) is disconnected;
Specific dimensions and parameters for the query.