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The chaffers HIMEL

Offer type: salePublished: 10.11.2014
Seller:Seidensal Alexey
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The chaffers HIMEL used for grinding and distribution straw intended for use as litter for cattle or feed additives in feed table. Shredders-samorazrushenie HIMEL can also process compressed or raw foods, for example, silage, grass, dry hay, rice silage and other
The chaffers STZ and STM from the German firm HIMEL is a high - performance units with drive PTO (STZ model driven through the drive shaft 540 rpm) or motor (model STM motor power 15 kW). Case grinders are made of high-strength steel. The mobile unit is installed on the chassis with three-point suspension.
The chaffers HIMEL suck a product from the ground and processed in a grinding chamber in small fractions. Cut straw occurs in two stages. In the preliminary grinding involved 6 knives and 8 share plates. For chopping straw into a fine fraction provided 54 of the knife. Performance grinders up to 2000 kg/hour (STM) and 2500 kg/h (model STZ). Shredded mass may blow vertically up to 20 meters. High-quality knives withstand prolonged downtime, if necessary, can be easily replaced.
The firm HIMEL also supplies shredders rolls for fast grinding of whole bales of straw.
The use of straw as bedding
Straw bedding has a positive effect on animal health, improve their health and reduce the risk of infectious diseases. Repeatedly proven that when you change the litter of straw sawdust on probability of infection of cattle with FMD is reduced to virtually zero. The use of straw as bedding in pig production also contributes to a significant reduction in infectious diseases. Due to its binding properties of straw absorbs not only moisture, but also odors.
The use of chopped straw as feed
Breeders have successfully used chopped straw as an additive to food. Chopped straw increases the nutritional value of food with low fiber content. This valuable fiber is released when you cut without the use of chemical decomposers. It complements these types of forage as hay, alfalfa.
Application of manure with straw as fertilizer
In liquid manure nitrogen mineralizers by 50% for 7 days. After 20 days the degree of mineralization reaches 86%, significantly reducing the quality of the manure as fertilizer. Adding straw can counteract this process. Contained in the straw fiber is a nutrient medium for manure bacteria. Straw draws the nitrogen in the organic form that can persist for a long time.