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Brigade of experienced industrial climbers

Offer type: servicesPublished: 10.11.2014
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast', Moscow
1 - long Work, the well-known
2 - extensive experience different heights
3 - Observes safety, all employees have certificates of industrial climbers
4 - the Superintendent will quickly come, will sign the contract, and immediately the workers arrive
5 - In time will perform a large amount of work
6 - Flexible system of discounts
- Repair of facades
- The washing of facades
Cleaning of facades
- Painting of facades
- Insulation of facades
- Plaster facades, wet facade
- Sealing of seams between panels "warm seam"
- Installation of ventilated facades
- Facade restoration work
The hydrophobization of surfaces
- Cleaning of walls saltpeter
- Glazing and replacement of glass
Glass - working at height
- Insert Windows and storefronts
- Glazing and replacement of glass
- Window washing
- Installation installation the tides
- Roofing work of any complexity
- Roof repair
- Installation of systems-icing protection of the roof from snow)
- Clean the roof of debris
- Clearing the snow from the roof
- Remove icicles
- Installation of canopies
- Installation of sealing roof balcony
- Thermal insulation of exterior balconies
Welding high-altitude work
- Electrical work at height
- Installation inside the pavilions and exhibitions
- Installation of rope light and cliplite, decoration of facades
- Installation of outdoor lighting
- Installation dismantling of advertising structures and banners
- Installation of satellite systems
- Installation of video surveillance systems
- Installation dismantling of air conditioners
- Installation of roller shutters
- Installation painting fire protection of steel structures
- Installation of protective safety systems (installation PCN)
- Installation of air ducts of ventilation systems exhaust shafts
- Installation of drain pipes (installation of gutters)
- Installation repair painting of towers
- Painting repairs dismantling demolition of chimneys
- Repair painting of the water tower
- Painting repair installation of fire escapes
- Painting of poles, television antennas, painting farms, painting bridges
- Dismantling
- Delete, klonirovanie, felling and sawing trees Erboristico
Processing trees from bark beetles
- The rise of oversized cargo