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Fuel Shark - a Savings of fuel, will save You up to 20% of the cost of gasoline!

Offer type: salePublished: 09.11.2014
Seller:Ivanov Dmitrij
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Address:Russian Federation
You still don't know how to save on fuel purchase for your car?
SEE here:
Thanks to the device of the Fuel Shark, You have the opportunity to save up to 20% of its value!!!
So, for example, with an average consumption of Your car 10 l / 100 km and at an average cost of 45 rubles / l - You have to spend 450 rubles / 100 km
Through the use of revolutionary new technologies applied in the development of the unit Fuel Shark, You'll be able to save up to 90 rubles / 100 km!!
How much will You save? The answer is simple!
You'll save time! Saving on every 1000 km will be 900 rubles, With an average mileage of Your car 30,000 miles per year You save 27000 RUB only on fuel! So why are You still not using this device?
Economizer Fuel Shark has a powerful built-in electrolytic capacitor,
connected to the main wiring diagram car with the help of electronics. It minimizes
the energy used to sustain the operation of the vehicle. Action
Fuel Shark is based on the principle of a small battery, which helps the electrical system of Your
the machine is more efficient and better able to perform their functions. Charging of the capacitor and
the production of electricity occurs only during high load on the generator.
Fuel Shark takes over temporarily the function of the battery and makes up for the lack
electroprecizia for headlights, wipers, stereos, air conditioners, navigators in the
a time when excess was forced to work the battery. He takes increased
the voltage on the battery and the generator, running wear, thereby allowing them
to operate in a power saving mode. The lack of voltage compensates for this
time, Fuel Shark, thus saving the energy consumption of the vehicle.
This economy mode energy consumption leads to normal energy that can
effectively applied for the stability and uniformity of operation
the power supply system of ignition and spark ignition. The result: more and
better burn gasoline, which increases the distance that can overcome
car, and there is significant thereby saving Your money and decreases
the cost of further depreciation. Connecting the economizer Fuel Shark, You keep
the money and the car.
Energy-saving Fuel Shark makes up for the lack of voltage for devices
connected to the electricity system of the machine . The economizer operates efficiently,
optimizing power consumption, once You have plugged the device into the cigarette lighter
car: on the device immediately lights up blue diode.
The Fuel Shark is an electrolytic capacitor, which is connected to the electrical system
car and its action resembles an extra battery. It allows
to optimize the entire system, auto electronics, and the work becomes more
economical and efficient.
Built-in capacitor is charged from the cigarette lighter socket and releases its energy
only when the consumption occurs increased load and
energy consumption goes to maximum. Economizer Fuel Shark replenishes energy
for such devices, such as wipers, lights, stereo equipment, navigation systems through
satellite and air conditioning.
His work facilitates the functioning of the electrical system of the machine and makes a more powerful spark
providing highly efficient fuel combustion.
Economizer Fuel Shark significantly reduces the test generator and battery
the tension. Economizer optimizes the functioning of the electrical system during
different weather conditions and whatever style You're not used to driving a car.
Fuel Shark makes the expenditure of fuel economy and efficiency increases in
a few times, and it significantly reduces Your maintenance costs of the vehicle.
Want your favorite machine worked longer?
Buy for her Fuel Shark!