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Automatic isolation control series OIKI-e

Offer type: salePublished: 04.11.2014
Seller:Maganova Irina Anatol'evna 84999678650
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Address:Russian Federation
The device WAKE-e 380/220/127, GRIF.656121.189, is designed to protect people from electric shock and other dangerous effects of leakage current to earth excavator electrical circuits, AC, 50 Hz, voltage of 127V, 220V, 380V with isolated neutral of the transformer. The device is applied on the surface of the coal and mining enterprises. Intended for installation in mobile on the surface of the transformer substation and may impact on the independent release General feeder circuit breaker. Feature of the device is an Autonomous source of the measuring and the reference voltage, this gives you the opportunity to search the damaged parts of the network when disabled introductory machine. Is the functional analog devices PN-127/220, RU-380, RUE-380, WAKE-380, AZAK 380, AZUR-380, "ARGUS 380-127".