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Sold bag making machine Lemo (with option round bottom)

Offer type: salePublished: 03.11.2014
Seller:Afanasenko Ekaterina
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Address:Republic of Belarus
Manufacturer: Lemo (Germany);
Release year: 2008/2009;
Location: Minsk, Belarus;
The equipment can be shown in production;
Price: 260 000 Euro.
Model: Intermat IL 600 CN
Machine type: bag making machine for producing packages with wicket holes (servo-motor build with computer control)
The working width of the weld (seam): 600 mm Max.
The width of the package (feed length): 150 - 420 mm
Packet length (height): 200 - 600 mm
The number of clock cycles (mechanical): 450 ton/min
The rate of passage of the blade (film): minimum - 15m/min; maximum - 100m/min
Actual capacity: from 200 to 360 bags/min (depending on the type of package and material)
Other information on request.