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Wedding rushnyk "UNDER the FEET"

Offer type: salePublished: 02.11.2014
Seller:Zvarich Liliya
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Address:Ukraine, Khersons'ka Oblast'
Wedding rushnyk "under the feet" - 2 meters
This towel is missing items that cannot be stomped on by, but there are symbols of the feminine(Kalina), male power (oak) and wealth(the grapes).
Towel feet is the most important at the wedding, he decides what will be the life of the bride and groom. This towel is impossible to embroider a pair of birds, which symbolizes the young, the wish For happiness!", flowers - when the couple are on that towel, will trample all that could be good in their lives.
Embroider under the order, for the manufacture of a towel is 1 month. Used DMC threads(France) 22 colors. Full size towel 41cm*2.20 m with lace.
Compliance with customs in the wedding brings many happy and busy minutes, and it is important not to miss anything. Often young parents and helping them to organize the festival, prudently and make a list of important things. An important place in this list is the wedding rushnyk. Towels were met by the parents of the newlyweds, they were filed icons and a wedding cake (a symbol of prosperity and family affluence). It was and remains a multi function wedding accessory