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Vent the thermo-Vent-L 01 and Vent-L 02 for auto opening vents and doors in the greenhouse, the greenhouse or Conservatory

Offer type: salePublished: 02.11.2014
Seller:- Internet Magazin Dom i Sad
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Address:Russian Federation, Moskovskaya Oblast'
Offer gardeners, horticulturists and gardeners to buy a universal kit auto vent Vent-L 01 and Vent-L 02. Autovent http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 designed for automatic opening and closing of Windows and doors, greenhouses, polytunnels and greenhouses. Inexpensive price unique new set of automatic greenhouse, hothouse or greenhouse ventilator in online store House and Garden available to each customer. For several years the best auto sales provetrivaema system Autotravel Vent-L 01 and Vent-L-02 Swedish miracle novelties only received excellent reviews from breeders!
See the provided Internet shop Home and Garden introductory video material about the universal equipment hydraulic lift Autovent.
What is auto vent the thermo-Vent-L 01 and Vent-L 02 and why the need for the device autovent?
Universal hydraulic automatic vent Vent-L 01 and Vent-L-02 is used for timely auto opening air vents in the greenhouse and the greenhouse. Super device for automatic thermo maintaining normal temperature in the greenhouse, greenhouse and greenhouse structures without human intervention. Unique reliable auto opener of doors and air vents for greenhouse and greenhouse openings does not require human intervention and electricity. The vent of Autowin only works from raising and lowering the temperature in the closed space,creating favorable conditions for plants.
Hydraulic machine set autovent Vent-L 01 and Vent-L-02 independently raises and opens the greenhouse and the greenhouse door. Miracle device automatiser the thermo-protects plants on hot days from overheating during street heat. Also the fan on time will automatically close Windows, vents and doors in the greenhouse and the greenhouse during the lowering of the air balance in the block. Best auto fan http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 help round the clock to maintain a positive desired air temperature in the greenhouse and greenhouse device.
Thanks hydraulic automatic vent no need everyday in the morning, afternoon and evening to open and close vents, Windows and doors of the greenhouse. To maintain and regulate the optimum temperature for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other plants will be a miracle solution for automaticaly air set Vent-L 01 and Vent-L-02.
Go on a long vacation, on vacation, on other important matters. Hydraulic miracle machine the thermo-autovent itself in time will open and close doors and vents closed devices at the right time.
Reliable air handling unit will be to maintain the right temperature for your plants and will protect them from overheating or cold. Lightweight design build, install and configure equipment does not require special skills with the fan lift for greenhouses.
Customized hydraulic vent begins to open the openings in the greenhouse and greenhouse Boxing already at 24°C. This temperature is most favorable for normal growth and development of many plants. For example, such a comfortable temperature like eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, Bulgarian pepper.
How does the ventilating fixture the thermo-autovent to automatically maintain the normal temperature for the growth and development of plants in the greenhouse, greenhouse and greenhouse conditions?
The basis for the design of the greenhouse fan http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 is the cylinder with special saracenos liquid. With increasing temperature the influence of the fluid expands and pushes the piston on the rod. Push the rod attributes yourself opens the door, window or vent opening.
At low temperature* fluid is compressed. Return spring mechanism returns the piston rod and the piston of the equipment in its original position. In this way, the vent autovent closes the window or door of the greenhouse.
Why online shop Home and Garden offers to buy at an affordable price it is the universal automatic ventilators Vent-L 01 and Vent-L 02 for greenhouses and greenhouse?
Data brand fans have important advantages over other similar devices and appliances.
Hydraulic machines do not require electricity. Optimizers normal temperature only work from fluctuations in temperature regimes in the greenhouse and greenhouse device.
Hydraulic auto fan lift is fastened by 4 screws http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 .
Versatility venting system vent. The ability to mount equipment for auto opening doors and Windows.
The ability to adjust his hands began opening doors, vents and Windows.
Rod diameter 8 to 10 mm and the metal piston ventilator is able to open the doorway weighing up to 100 lbs. and can withstand any even strong gusts of wind.
Versatile instrument, the thermo-vent installation does not require removal in the winter.
Long service life of the ventilator. Rugged design autoutilitara and details of high quality materials allow you to work opening the device without interruption at least 8-10 years!
The main parts of the mounting hardware are galvanized coating. Galvanizing protects a system of universal vent from corrosion in high humidity in the greenhouse or greenhouse.
Equipment http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 easily detaches from the open doorway of the greenhouse and the greenhouse device for closing and opening in manual mode.
Complete with the best auto vent lift Vent-L 01 and Vent-L-02 is attached Russian-language instruction for Assembly, installation and configuration proveryayuschego device. Examples of photos, diagrams and our accompanying video clip will enable quick mounting of the apparatus on the structures of the blocks.
Has developed and manufactures a unique super automatic air conditioning opener for greenhouses and conservatories company Vent-L Sweden.
Model automatisation of thermoperiods and their difference:
Set 01 open vents, doors hotbeds and greenhouses weighing up to 60 kg,
and the set of 02 up to 100 kg
Online shop Home and Garden works directly with the official representative of the company Vent-L Magnitogorsk enterprise ONYX.
You do not want yourself with your hands several times a day to open and close the vent and door openings to maintain the optimal temperature balance in the greenhouse and the greenhouse? Then we recommend you to select and buy at factory outlet price in our online store the best automatic vent lift for greenhouses and hotbeds Vent kit-L 01 and Vent-L 02.
When buying thermo http://xn--80ahbodrcnc6a.xn--p1ai/index/avtomaticheskij_provetrivatel_dlja_teplic/0-14 provide extended warranty for operation of hydraulic products. Sell only high quality universal air for plants with long, uninterrupted work of autovent and excellent reviews.
Buy sets of automatic ventilators in retail, small, medium and large wholesale. Ship the order to any destination in Russia by Mail, courier or transport company. Wholesale buyers of autodriver will give good discounts.
Price retail 1 set 2900 rubles. TEL: 89277260320, 89063753197, 89608033739