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Crusher opalkova, deport, drying the solid, briquetting press

Offer type: salePublished: 25.01.2022
Price:2 000 $
Seller:Kosov Valentin
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Address:Chernihivs'ka Oblast', Nizhyn, Ukraine

Techno-T produces crusher opalkova TO-15, p- roizvoditelnost up to 1.5 t/h, motor power 22 kW, the final fraction cutting - 1-5 mm; deport for timber and branches, proizvoditelnost to 18 cubic meters/hour, power the motor 30 kW. the final faction cutting 20-50 mm Design separate allows its installation on tractor or road base to work from motor vehicles.

Crusher and separator equipped with line drying and briquetting production Techno-T, consisting of a hopper with conveyor, Cyclone this model dryer AC-1000, with solid fuel heat generator, capacity 1000 kg dry product, press bitterest VM-78, capacity from 600 to 1200 kg / hour, producing round, without holes briquette shock method or press pellet mill FCU-1, performance 800-3200 kg delivery from the representative of the Russian Federation.

Contact Manager for Valentine tel .+380939662050, e-mail: skipe - valikkit