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Plastic drums

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:269 UAH
Seller:Zak Dmitrij Vladimirovich
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Address:Ukraine, Kharkivs'ka Oblast'
Drums 200 litre plastic, durable, seamless, and food. Neck syroka, cover hermetico zakruchivaetsya. And the canister 20 liter. Call.
Barrel (eurobarre) - original development of the Concern MAUSER (Germany) is considered a standard among industrial plastic packaging around the world. Eurobarre (barrel) is produced by blow molding of polyethylene of low pressure, high mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Seamless casing barrel has no weak points, so that can withstand severe mechanical stress. Serial color is blue.Wide mouth provides the convenience of packing and unloading of products, especially granular and pasty substances. A removable cover is securely fastened. The seal ensures a tight seal. Containers can be moved either manually or through the use of a standard lifting mechanisms. Specifications barrel: Capacity (l): 200 arguments in favor of the barrels Open Top Drums: • Not subject to corrosion and mechanical damage. • Ease of filling and emptying thanks to a removable cover, wide filler neck. • No deformation during transportation, storage, stacking. • Convenience and durability stacking in 3 tiers. • Optimum combination of strength and elasticity. • Wide temperature range of use. • High capacity allows to save on transportation costs. • Easily moved using standard gripper mechanisms. • The possibility of applying labels / markings. • Easy to clean, mnohoobraznost. • Light weight. There is a possibility to make this barrel capacity for a summer shower, drilling a hole in it and screwing back the watering can. Call.