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Oil cable OLS-4B C-220 T-3888

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Company:OOO Kompaniya "PAN"
Seller:Igor' Yur'evich
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Address:Russian Federation, Perm Krai, Perm
Company LLC “PAN” offers a wide range of industrial oils, greases, cutting oils, various petroleum products, as well as imported oil. Technical oil: aircraft hydraulic, vacuum, transmission, instrument, cable, motor, medical vaseline, compressor, industrial, transformer, Vistanova, condenser, conservation, naphthenic, turbine, clock, synthetic, cylinder, spindle, axle, rolling. Our company is working since 2004. While working in the oil market has gained a reputation as a competent and reliable partner. Have the technical capability to produce oil of any complexity according to Your applications in optimal time. Make deliveries to any region of Russia by railway tank cars, rail containers, loading and packing (100 ml). The quality of the oils is fully consistent with the national standards, industrial standards and SPECIFICATIONS. We invite you to cooperation. Hydraulic: AMG-10 (15.4 kg) - R/piece, Hydraulic: RM/RMC/MG-10-B (15kg) - 15000r/piece, Hydraulic: LZ-MG-2/mga-4A (15.4 kg) - 7500r/piece, Aircraft: B-3V/IPM-10 (15kg) - 15000/R/piece, Vacuum: VM-1 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-1C (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-3 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-4 (15.5 kg) - 3200r/piece, VM-5 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-5C(15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-11 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-6 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, VM-12 (15.5 kg) - 8000R/piece, Instrument: MH-52 (15kg) - 15000r/piece, Instrument: MP-704 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, Compressor: HPS-16 (15.5 kg) - R/piece, Synthetic: WT-NC (15.5 kg) - R/PC. Price is per can. Hydraulic: MGT/APM (l) - R/piece, Hydraulic: Mark R/ASH (l) - R/piece, Cable: km-22 (l) - R/piece, Instrument: IMP (l) - R/piece, Compressor: HP-24/UM-35 (l) - R/piece, HS-40 (l) - R/piece, K-12 (l) - R/piece, K-19 K/28(l) - R/piece, K3-10/K3-10N (l) - R/piece, KZ-10S (l) - R/piece, K3-20/C4-20 (l) - R/piece, K-2-24/K2-200(l) - R/piece, K-4-24/K2-220 (l) - R/piece, Industrial:-5A/AND-8A (l) - R/piece, I-L-C-5/I-L-S-10 (l) - 15000r/piece, Transformer: MDPS (l) - R/piece, MDPS/Dpnl (l) - R/piece, FRI (l) - R/piece, Hydraulic fluid: P-20M-1/P-20M-2 (l) - R/piece, Industrial: INSP-20/INSP-40 (l) - R/piece, Conservation: K-17 (l) - R/piece, NG-H/NG-203B (l) - R/piece, Naphthenic: HMP-12/CCM-40 (l) - R/piece, Depreciation fluid: mgp-10/IHL-12 (l) - R/piece, Turbine: T-22/T-30/SGT (l) - R/piece, T-46/T-57 (l) - R/PC. The price per barrel (l) Transmission: Decompensated-8/Tsz-GIP (l) - 18310/R/piece, TC-GUI/TM-5-RC (l) - 30900/R/piece, Cable: OLS-4B/MN-4 (l) - 17700/R/piece, To-220/VK-21 (l) - 53100/R/piece, T-3888 - R/PC. Transformer: AGK/MW (l) - 47200/R/piece, T-3888 (l) - 23600 RUB. Aircraft: MS-8P/MS-RK (l) - 14160/R/PC. The price per barrel (l)