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Solid fuel boiler long burning Вuderus Logano

Offer type: salePublished: 28.02.2015
Price:774 EUR
Seller:Shkurinskij Dmitrij
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Boiler solid long burning Вuderus Logano
Designed for home heating, mini-hotels, industrial of the premises.
Material: steel
Fuels: coal, wood, pellets, coke
Power (kW): 12/16/20/24/27/32/45
Manufacturer: Вuderus (Germany)

Model number series Logano S111-2:
1. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-12 (12 kW) Euro 815,0

2. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-16 (16 kW) Euro 867,0

3. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-20 (20 kW) 1 Euro 014,0

4. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-24 (24 kW) 1 Euro 062,0

5. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-27 (27 kW) 1 Euro 087,0

6. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-2-32 (32 kW) 1 117,0 Euro

7. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-32D (32 kW) 1 Euro 279,0

8. Solid fuel boiler Вuderus Logano S111-45D (45 kW) 1 Euro 649,0

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The advantages of a series of boilers Logano S111-2:

*** Long burning process is ensured by large volumes the loading chamber and ash
*** Wide range of application thanks to a variety of fuels: coal, wood, pellets, coke
*** Boilers are easy to install and easy to maintain
*** The boiler is easily installed in already existing heating system
*** Easy access for cleaning of combustion chamber
*** Ideal for use in pumping or gravity systems.
*** The boiler can be operated separately or in combination with plants operating on other fuels
*** Available in 8 sizes in a wide power range from 12 to 45 kW.
*** Models under the wood - 32D and 45D, log length can reach up to 33 and 53 cm

Technical parameters of the boiler are shown in tables announcements: