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Triac stabilizer ELEX Engineering Amp 12-1/40

Offer type: salePublished: 01.03.2015
Price:4 150 UAH
Seller:Galina petrovna
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12-step regulator for single-phase network with triac key switch
Allows current 40A
Provides nominally of 8.8 kVA power
Consumes without stabilization jobs - 50W
Will dopuskaet 45-65 Hz frequency
Stabilizes in the range from 145 to 275 In
Works range from 120 to 295 In
Stabilization with an error of about +/- 3,5%
Responds to changes in network 20 MS
There is a function Beiras (switching via e-menu)
There is protection for the connection of consumers - 4-8 sec
Protect against invalid values of current or load switch machine
Protects against harmful stress duplicate
There is a forced cooling and overheating protection.
The microprocessor control with led indicator
The degree of protection against impact, moisture and dust - IP 20
Device dimensions (W×h×CH) 260×470×150 mm
Weight 20 kg
The wall mounting with terminal connection
2 year warranty

The voltage regulator Eleks Amp 12-1/40 is the most popular stabilizer on demand power. This stabilizer is of the highest quality because they are made in the factory with European equipment. Despite the power of the stabilizer has a small weight; and it is through the use of high-performance components of European and American origin. High accuracy of this equipment is ensured not only by the twelve step commutation of the windings of the transformer and high precision (1%) measurement of the incoming voltage. The microprocessor Atmel (USA) diagnosed and stabilized systems provide a device of high quality and reliable performance that will give connected technology for greater efficiency and duration of health.
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