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Sell CNC engraving machine, CNC wood series "Pro" with the 4th rotary axis

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
Price:70 000 UAH
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Address:Ukraine, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Zaporizhia

Sell milling engraving machine CNC wood - series "Pro" with the 4th rotary axis(B/Y,, produced in Luhansk, plant TM"Twitte"). Module "4th Rotary axis gives the ability of 2D and 3D milling bodies rotation, such as balusters, legs tables, chairs and so on. The length of the processed surfaces of solids of revolution - 1000mm. Height processing on Z - 300mm. Tough, all-metal frame.

Overall the size of the machine: him. Processed volume: HHmm. The format of the data +: Any format. Conclusion in machine G-code. Machine control: Mach3. Connecting to a computer through LPT port. Max.the moving speed of the idle range: 7000 mm/min, Max. speed milling: 5000mm/min Transmission:axis X and axis Y rack and pinion transmission, axle Z - the ball screw transmission (16mm, SAG). On axis Y(long) linear square guides HIWIN 20mm, axis X and Zall the guides. Drive type: stepper engines with a 40% margin with a decreasing belt gear. Spindle with watercooling 2.2 kW(4 bearing, Ob\min, collet ER20). The diameter of the shank of the cutter 8, 12mm. Andinvertor to 2,2W (400Hz), 220. The method of capture material: mechanical. The power source of the machine: 220 C. Maximum power consumption: 2.7 kW. Weight: 550 kg included with the machine: cooling system spindle, isolation - filter element electromagnetic interference on the LPT port.

Cost: 70 GM (without 4th rotary axis), 80 000 UAH (4th rotary axis).