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The business of manufacturing wood pellets or briquettes

Offer type: salePublished: 27.02.2015
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Address:Ukraine, Sums'ka Oblast', Lebedyn

Looking for a financial business partner for the organization of production wood pellets or briquettes from waste lumber. The main production sawing round wood is, Lebedyn, Sumy oblast. Work the sawdust produced and at the present time. All lumber supplied to the domestic market of Ukraine.

At the moment there are agreements on the supply of timber in China and Korea. This is business partners with whom we are already working on deliveries roundwood. There is a area for installation of drying chambers. This would to expand the range of supplies lumber and to attract additional buyers.

The production includes :

Rent :

- land area of 1.5 hectares, the lease until 2017 ;

Owned by :

shop cutting area of 560 square meters : 6 tape power-saw benches ;

shop mobile, square 341,4 meters : 2 rip with motor 55 kW each;

- 2 workshops slit machines ( one area of 140 square meters, the second 80 square meters) : in each there are 2 of the machine ;

- grinding mill, cutting and welding saws, area of 90 square meters : there are grinding machines, panel saw and German welding the apparatus IДEAL" for welding of band saw blades width up to 60 mm ;

- office space, as well as new office space (requires to complete the finishing work) ;

- transformer substation, there are all tolerances ;

- gantry crane with lifting capacity. 3,2 tons ;

- own W/d the path length of 170 m from point transfer ;

- crane QMS-101.

The company can process about 1 thousand cubic meters of round timber in one shift. All the lumber you plan to export. From waste (about 500 cubes) it is possible to produce pellets or briquettes, which are in great demand in Europe.

Phone (095)-3993194, (098)-8238441 sincerely, Yevgen Nazarenko.