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The equipment for repair of struts(shock absorbers)

Offer type: salePublished: 30.11.2014
Seller:Sedin Aleksandr
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Address:Russian Federation, Novosibirskaya Oblast', Novosibirsk
Our company offers:
Garages and service stations, and vehicle owners to use special equipment, produced in Novosibirsk company "MASTERDETAL" which allows you to simplify and reduce the cost of recovery performance and increase the service life of almost any gas-oil struts (shock absorbers).
Depending on wishes of the customer in the kit can include from 1 to 10 special nozzles - gazonapolnitel.
• special nozzle-gazonapolnitel
• High pressure hose
• Gauge
• Gas-reducer
• Gas (nitrogen)
• Instruction manual
• Shipping, Novosibirsk (free)
Delivery to all regions of the country.
More detailed information can be obtained by calling us!