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Construction of stores. The rapid construction of stores. Shopping pavilion.

Offer type: servicesPublished: 28.11.2013
Seller:Tsankov Vyacheslav
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Production, delivery and installation of prefabricated stores, shops, cafes, restaurants, mini offices of all types and sizes throughout the territory of Ukraine under the key. Used in the production of reliable and durable technology lsts (galvanized light steel structure) gives Us several advantages:
1.Low cost of construction due to the production of all building structures on the production.
2.Reducing the cost of transport costs in the construction of the building (the delivery of the building is on the same machine in any region of Ukraine).
3.Simple and quick installation of a building on a building site in a very short time.
4.Pre-Assembly of the building on the production eliminates errors in all processes of construction.
5.Use for exterior and interior finishing of buildings completely different materials on request.
6.The building at any time of the year, even in winter.
7.The possibility of new construction around the existing old store without stopping the trading process.
Completion of all buildings needed: sockets, lights, counter, shutters, window furniture, equipment, etc. to Develop 3-D models (the appearance of the building) for Free*.
Delivery and installation on all territory of Ukraine. For details on the construction on the site:
Phone: (063) 966-77-07, Vyacheslav