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Test Chromodynamics goes through the country now and in Yekaterinburg!

Offer type: servicesPublished: 26.11.2013
Seller:GemaKor Press-tsentr
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More and more hospitals give their patients the opportunity to receive full information about the functioning of the blood coagulation system by using the global test Chromodynamics!Since the autumn of this godfest Chromodynamics became available to all residents of Yekaterinburg. To make it possible in the medical center "Harmony". The clinic's staff cares about your health and with us developing quality care for their patients!
Test Chromodynamics gives full information about the state of plasma hemostasis, it provides much better compared to traditional methods, the sensitivity in the field of hypercoagulation. In addition, the test Chromodynamics sensitive to the effects of anticoagulants of all types.
Test Chromodynamics to all patients receiving anticoagulants: to assess the effect of therapy, for the selection and adjustment of the dose or the drug, to resolve the question of termination, continuation or resumption of therapy. This napoleanville for patients undergoing deep vein thrombosis for patients with atrial fibrillation, as well as after a stroke. For all these patients, the exact selection of anticoagulant therapy is critical.Thrombosis is always easier to prevent than to treat, so the test Chromodynamics we also encourage you to periodically go to all the people who have the prerequisites to thrombosis.
Schedule lab and branches of the medical center "Harmony"Yekaterinburg available on the websiteСдать a blood test Chromodynamics in the laboratory DCP "Harmony" on Furmanov street 30 on weekdays by appointment.We wish everyone good health!
Press center Gemakor
The company "Gemakor" since 2010, develops and manufactures equipment for the laboratory diagnosis of blood coagulation method Chromodynamics. With the aid of test Chromodynamics became possible early diagnosis of disorders of the blood coagulation system - identifying risks of bleeding and thrombosis.
The project grew out of a 20-year fundamental research, which expanded the understanding of the mechanism of action of the blood coagulation system. In 1994 he published the first article on the Biophysics of blood clotting, taking into account the growth mechanism of clot in space. Since then, the research, and later clinical studies have confirmed the diagnostic value of the developed method.
Diagnostic test equipment Chromodynamics has received well-deserved recognition among physicians of different specialties.
Production company "Gemakor" is open for cooperation in science and Commerce.