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Akrimax named the best company in 2013 in the field of floor coverings

Offer type: servicesPublished: 22.11.2013
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Address:Russian Federation
The company Akrimax is a recognized leader in the field of floor coverings. It is the company's latest supertechnology that never go unnoticed.
Products are designed and realized by a masters flooring, covered in the media. But first of all this company is known for its production quality and creativity of new developments.
Recently it was believed that the flooring was invented a very long time, and know everything about them, and even more. But the company Akrimax opened a large number of consumers that leveling floors can be a real work of art and decoration of the most refined interior. Most original design solutions presented in the form of cosmic motifs, luxury abstract patterns, stunning simulation of the underwater world.
The company Akrimax completely accompanies the process of creating flooring, ranging from professional to expert advice and to laying and repair.
More than just the company specializes in industrial flooring. Admire the amazing beauty under your feet, the consumer can in the most visited places - shopping malls, public institutions. Office owners who value their image and prefer an elegant style, many years are priority clients of Akrimax.
In no way remain resentful and individuals - they are offered a special and individual approach.
The directory companies start with some of the most actively used brands:
1. The company's products UCRETE characterized by a particular strength and better performance temperature stability. The advantages of this coating is the presence system anti-slip, which gives the possibility of using them in rooms with high humidity.
2. Products brand EVONIK also actively used due to rapid solidification, the impact resistance and durability. To undoubted advantages of this brand is the wide range of colors.
3. Brand Enke Betoncoat, modeled after the floor covering in the production of epoxy and polyurethane flooring special reaction resin that allows you to smooth and level the surface.
4. The company's products Pandomo, cover, original, tailored to your specific operating conditions and used in rooms with high load.
With the company Akrimax the customer can always be sure that his interests will be in the first place, and all wishes fulfilled and will surpass your greatest expectations.