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Filler plug station on the basis of GAZ Sadko, matlosane GAS

Offer type: salePublished: 19.11.2013
Seller:Turusheva Ekaterina
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Filler plug station (oil station) on the basis of GAZ 33081 - car workshop equipment with all the necessary tools to service cars. and special equipment.
Van frame, insulated doors and hatches for access to the equipment.
Technological equipment installed in the car:
The synchronous generator driven by a COM
- Electricity with side entry
• Drilling machine Corvette 41
• Post welding:
Reducer oxygen
Gearbox propane
Burner propane
The propane cylinder 50 HP
The gas cylinder 40L.
Sleeve gas 40 PM
Glasses gas welder
The protective flap
• Under Cabinet gas cylinders
• Grinding machine
• Workbench with tool box
• Locker 1.5 meters
• Cabinet for tool
• Set locksmith tool
• Macroprolactinoma station with bracket barrels of 200 liters, the press 20 tons, dryer cable 30 m hose pumping station
• Jib crane with hoist
• The auxiliary heating auxiliary heating
• System Webasto engine
• Additional fuel tank 105 HP
• Heating system diesel fuel
• Entrenching tools (crowbar, axe, shovel, sledge hammer)
• First aid kit
• Cable
• Emergency signs
• Balloon keys and cutting rooms
• Chocks
• Vice 125 mm , Press - fitting