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Paronite PONT-B

Offer type: salePublished: 18.11.2013
Seller:Surmach Vitalij
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Sell paronite General purpose PONT-B thickness from 0. 4 to 5 mm in sheets 1700 x 3000 mm made in Russia, China. Quality assurance manufacturer. The low price. Paronite sheet is a versatile cushioning material. When the pressure is higher than 320 MPa it begins to flow, i.e., fluidity point, resulting in all the voids and leaks in the connection are filled with the material and provides a tight seal. The thickness of the strip of sheet paronite should be minimal, but sufficient to fill the grooves and irregularities. With increasing thickness of the spacer increases the likelihood of extrusion, so it is not recommended to put a thick strip. Paronite is available in sheets up to 6 mm thick, it is easy to cut, cut, you can cut curly strips. This is the most common gasket material for medium diameters of the valve.