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IVF in Israel - full support from the company Inrev Groups

Offer type: servicesPublished: 12.11.2013
Seller:Kolpakova Elena
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Address:Russian Federation
IVF, or in vitro fertilization, is the most popular service, the method of salvation for couples desperate to have a baby. The company Inrev Groups, many years providing support for treatment in clinics of Israel, is actively developing this area.
The company's specialists will help you to understand the nuances of this medical technology, to analyze the need for treatment in Israel, to develop a detailed plan for implementation of the procedure itself and finding during this clinic with the opportunity to stay at the apartment. And the highest degree of effectiveness of the treatment is world renowned doctors in Israeli hospitals will guarantee the success of planned activities.
The need for IVF due to several reasons:
1. Problems with the menstrual cycle in women who failed to solve it home medication.
2. Problems men reproduce sperm, suitable for fertilization.
In these cases, you can contact the company, Inrev Groups, to determine in advance clinic with highly skilled professionals and advanced technology.
The procedure itself is quite simple, but for this consists of several stages.
stage 1. The collection of eggs from the ovaries conducted under General anesthesia. The procedure itself takes about 10 minutes, but the woman has to remain under the supervision of experienced doctors. Then the eggs are transferred to the laboratory.
stage 2. The sperm donation partner. There is a possibility to do this in advance, subsequently, the sperm is thawed and prepared for transplant, removing the excess semen and inactive cells.
stage 3. Directly fertilization, when the sperm is added to the vial to the ova, and the vial is placed in a special incubator.
stage 4. The division of the egg, followed by watching the experts.
stage 5. Mandatory chromosomal test, which is held over one of the cells.
stage 6. Embryo transfer into the uterus, the consultants clinics necessarily tell the couple about the quality of the resulting embryos and give recommendations based on the characteristics of the patients.
At all these stages the woman's much easier and more comfortable to feel that about her care professionals company Inrev Groups.
All care company - from searching for a suitable clinic prior to booking a hotel or apartment with the development of convenient schedule and route visit to the clinic.
The company will take care of everything - from providing mobile phone to no discomfort from the language barrier.