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the compressor WU-3,5/10-1450 heated.price-180000.00

Offer type: salePublished: 05.11.2013
Seller:Ostryaninov Vladimir Viktorovich
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Address:Russian Federation, Rostov oblast', Novocherkassk
The company"Land" offers parts for electric plant NEVZ: VL,VC,RN,NP,PO,ED.
We carefully and promptly review all заявки Vladimir 8-918-529-99-04 and (8635) 258947,http://land-ooo.EN
price list LLC "Land"
naimenovaniia without VAT
finger decodedate.277.087.00510.00
finger traverse.277.128825.00
panel diodes PD-615510.064.615980.00
panel voltage relay REC-318-01629.367.318.01 SP.00
the switch IS 82610.254.0826170.00
switch PKD-142610.264.142.0067120.00
switch PKD-143610.264.143.0065800.00
switch PKD-143-01610.264.143.0165800.00
the lock switch BP-149610.264.149.0028150.00
the lock switch BP-179610.264.179.0028150.00
the lock switch BP-179-01610.264.179.0128150.00
the lock switch BP-207610.264.20729980.00
leash buxomy.234.19419580.00
leash buxomy.234.19519580.00
suspension 810.127.02512560.00
suspension 810.127.047655.00
suspension hitch ustroystva.127.00515370.00
suspension cradle in spore.127.25058000.00
bearing axlebox 30-42536 LM.00
bearing axlebox 30-52536 LM.00
forged drop forged rings labyrinthula.217.215 T.00
pole Glavny.634.05235270.00
drive TL-13 TOO.740.07042460.00
spring spring suspension 242810.281.2425540.00
disconnector rectifier installation R-45610.205.045.0038220.00
disconnector P-20610.250.0207570.00
the smoothing reactor RS-38344000.00
the Howler TC-22510.413.0226170.00
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