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Sell Barium peroxide

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Seller:Viktoriya Viktoriya
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Address:Ukraine, Donets'ka Oblast', Donetsk
Anhydrous barium peroxide - white powder, density 4,96 and 5.36 g/cm3. At a temperature of about 800°C, the reagent loses a half of its oxygen and becomes HLW. When the acid forms the corresponding salt of barium and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrate Vo*NO - hexagonal flakes with a pearl luster, density 2,292 g/cm3. Slightly soluble in cold water (0,168% at 20°C). At 130°C Vo*NO loses 7.5 molecules of water; dewatering is achieved only at temperatures above 200°C (with partial cleavage of oxygen) . Application For laboratory receipt of hydrogen peroxide; a Source of pure O2; Component of pyrotechnic compositions; Bleach for textiles, paper.