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Jute twine

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Jute twine

Twine is a thin woven products diameter from 1 to 5 mm single use.

The twine is made from a blend of flax, hemp, jute and other bast fibres, viscose, polypropylene, polyethylene, cotton yarns, as well as paper.

Use the twine in many fields such as agriculture, trade, food industry, postal institutions for bundling and packing of goods and auxiliary operations. The name of the string determines its composition (linen twine is made from flax, lnopenkovyj twine - from a mixture of bast fibres, jute twine - of jute, paper twine - paper, rayon twine - of viscose yarn and so on).

The choice of twine is determined by its properties and characteristics. Consider strength (breaking load), the diameter of the twine environment in which it can be used, and of course commercial benefit (price per meter of twine).

The jute twine twisted polished diameter from 1 to 3 mm light brown in color, the bobbin weight of approximately 2 kg, Packed 10 - 16 bobbins in jute bag, can be as on the sleeve, and without it.

The jute twine is used for smoked sausage products, fish, cheeses, packaging products, drying tobacco, postal organizations, designer, and decorative purposes. Thanks to the natural origin of jute twine environmentally friendly, safe for food products.

From jute yarn produce cords, ropes, ropes, and other technical fabrics. Jute twines are characterized by strength, low elongation, water absorption (large absorption of moisture).

The ability to use jute twine in the food industry confirmed hygienic state sanitary certificate of the Russian Federation. Jute twine is an environmentally friendly form of packaging.

Jute twine, jute rope, jute rope according to its qualities like flax twine, flax rope, flax rope.