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Boric acid.

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Boric acid (orthoboric acid) is a weak acid with the chemical formula H3BO3.
A colorless crystalline substance in the form of flakes, odorless, has a layered triclinic lattice, in which the acid molecules are connected by hydrogen bonds in flat layers, the layers are connected by intermolecular bonds (d= 0,318 nm).
In nuclear reactors as a neutron absorber dissolved in the coolant.
Boron fertilizer.
In laboratories used for the preparation of buffer solutions.
In medicine - as an independent disinfectant for adults as well as a 2% solution for rinsing the skin after contact with alkalis.
Also on the basis of boric acid produced a different combination of drugs (ATC group D08AD), for example, pasta Teymurova.
In photography in the composition of fine-grained developers and acidic fixer to create a weak acid environment.
In the food industry - registered as a food additive E284 (in Russia, this additive is not included in the list approved for use[1]).
In the game NOVUS boric acid RUB gaming table for the best sliding chips.
In jewelry - like basis fluxes for soldering of gold alloys.
In industry - binder with acid lining furnaces.
In the home - eliminate cockroaches.