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Soluble oil lubricant for formwork and concrete forms

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:7 UAH
Seller:Derevyanko Aleksej Andreevich
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Address:Ukraine, Kyiv

The proposed emulsifier from the manufacturer, which is widely used in different industries.
The scope of the soluble oil brand "Emulsion for pre-processing and lubrication shapes and designs with metal, wood, plastic, plywood, and other surfaces. Treatment with soluble metal surfaces, shapes and designs to prevent corrosion.
Our organization in many factories already cleared the metal mold from corrosion.
Emulsifier is our trademark "Emulsion" provides for the extraction from the mold without damage and without degradation of their mechanical properties. Our lubricant for formwork prevents contamination of the pan and sides forms the remnants of the concrete, non-corrosive metal forms. The use of soluble oil of our production allows:
- easy to separate the finished concrete, foam concrete, aerated concrete product from the material form or formwork;
- to ensure good quality of the outer surface of the product;
- reduce the number of pores on the surface of the product;
to achieve the lack of oil stains, colored speakers on the surface of the product;
- to work in conditions of negative temperatures;
If necessary, the customer is advised on the use of our lubricant for formwork.
We offer cooperation on the use of soluble oil brand "Emulsion" on Your production. The reliability of the partnership and product quality guarantee!
The soluble oil price is established on a contractual basis and depends on the volume of order.
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