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Fuel savings of 15-30%

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:350 UAH
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The Catalyst Of The Combustion Chamber
Is a liquid form handler for the cameras internal combustion, which also increases fuel savings and reduces the amount of harmful emissions into the environment. MPG-BOOST™ uses a unique combustion catalyst, developed by the aerospace industry and providing maximum performance. This catalyst, which is found only in MPG-BOOST™ accelerates the actual rate at which the fuel is mixed with air in the chamber of an internal combustion engine. The result is a significant increase in the rate of fuel combustion.

Catalytic and petrochemical technology MPG-BOOST™ help:
Fuel savings of 15-30%
Reduces excessive emissions
Improves engine performance
Eliminates harmful and knocking noise in the engine
Softens the operation of the valves
Extend the work of candles, nozzles
Improves moisture distribution
Completely safe for the engine and not spoil it.
The product can be ordered by phone +380955616164