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Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:10 UAH
Seller:Meshkov Dmitrij Nikolaevich
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Address:Ukraine, Zhytomyrs'ka Oblast', Zhytomyr

We produce and sell charcoal and charcoal briquette type "Pini-Kay".

Raw material is oak wood.


Charcoal pacovan in polypropylene bags of 13 to 15 kg

In the truck 120 m3 is loaded from 18 to 20 tons, loading bags, manually to ceiling

We provide a complete package of documents for export

Specifications: Wood coal meets Marche And GST 24 5571 0130, GOST Ukraine 7657-84 “Charcoal. Specifications”, smokeless, odorless, no sparks, no chemical additives, with high calorific value, flammable, with a long burning carbon - 82-86% ash Content of 1.5-2% Moisture level 3 - 6% Calorific value the ability 8000-8500 kcal Volatiles 6-8%

Burning time - 2-3 hours

We produce coal from pure raw materials in the production use only solid wood. Our production capacity is at today is 100T/month. And we thanks to our partners-customers on this don't stop - we are growing!

Charcoal production is an ancient technology of mankind. It is charcoal marked the beginning of civilization. The need charcoal has grown, so it is now produced by many. In the world today produces about 9 million tons per year of charcoal. Production technology charcoal, on the one hand, quite simple, and on the other hand - quite unique. It requires a certain culture. It a time of new technologies, new equipment, experience and knowledge that helps to successfully implement the right technology for the production of charcoal and find him the desired application.

Charcoal - microporous high carbon product formed during the pyrolysis of wood without access of air. Used in the production of crystalline silicon, carbon disulfide, ferrous and nonferrous metals, activated carbon, etc., as well as household fuel (specific heat combustion of 31.5-34 MJ/kg). Charcoal is classified in the system of standards - GOST 7657-84 "Charcoal".