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Oak barrels

Offer type: salePublished: 01.04.2015
Price:280 UAH
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Cooperage industry of Ukraine. Wine and cognac barrels.

Oak barrel is the best container for this wine and cognac.

It is only in oak barrels, the wine acquires refined taste and unique aroma. Upon exposure of the product in oak barrels, oak gives in approximately 500 flavoring and aromatic elements.

The trademark "BOCHAR" offers oak barrels own production. All barrels are manufactured according to old technologies , which was used in Imperial Russia.

Also manufacture tubs and barrels for the bath, wooden buckets, oak baths, oblivnye device (cold shower, a bucket-waterfall), beer glasses made of wood, supernice, gang, tub, models and simulation wine the barrels.

Full warranty on ALL products - 3 YEARS!!!