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Sell Liquid PES 3

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PES differ from mineral oils with a wide operating temperature range from -70°C to +200°C (PES-5 from -90°C to +265°C) and low dependence of the basic properties of temperature - even the best grades of mineral and synthetic oils change viscosity in its operational temperature range in the thousands.
Characteristic properties of polyethylsiloxane (PES) are: small amount of surface tension, chemical inertness inertness to most structural materials, very low volatility, good solubility in some organic solvents, good compatibility with mineral oils, which are widely used as oils and greases.
PES are used as:
Heat transfer fluids. Replace diphenylol the mixture at temperatures up to +290°C. In freon refrigerating machines successfully replace the oil PFGE-4.
Working fluids in devices operating at low temperatures, aggressive, crystallizing, viscous and giving large sediment environments in ultra-deep wells at temperatures above +150°C and a pressure of 1200 psig. As well as the heating and cooling fluids in devices.
Damping, shock absorber fluid, deployability. The placeholders thermopiles at high temperatures. The separation medium for chromatography.
Lubrication: heat-resistant and low-temperature, instrument and sealants, for the separation of molds for injection molding, for cortical casting, as well as for proterty quartz surfaces and metal. Coolants. The basis for the preparation of grease OKB-122. Addition of oil MS-20 to improve the protective properties - for internal preservation of the nodes instead of grease. -Dispersed medium in lubricants for R-113, R-402, power lines, etc.
Additives for paint and coatings, pharmaceutical, cosmetic formulations and household chemicals.
Plasticizers for various elastomers.
The lubricants in the manufacture of synthetic fibers.
Components of heat-resistant spinning preparatio, attach to the fiber and fabrics hydrophobic properties, reduce shrinkage and increase strength. Mixed with SS apply for cleanup mirrors dies in spinning machines.
For waterproofing of ceramics.
For tempering and hardening of the glass during its production.